Giving to St. Gabriels

Why do we give in the first place?

Giving is, itself, an act of worship. In Psalm 89:11, we are told that all of creation belongs to God:  “The heavens are Yours; the earth also is Yours; the world and all that is in it, You have founded them.”  Later, in Philippians 4:19, we read, “But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  If God owns everything, yet He provides us with everything we need, then giving is just our way of saying “thanks” to God for everything He has done for us.  And all we’re giving is a small portion of what He already owns.

So what happens when we give?

Another way of asking this is, “Where does my money go?” Well, part of what we give goes to pay for our clergy and for the building in which we worship. But beyond that, our gifts go to the ministry of the church, in other words, to those we serve. That includes our caring for those who are sick, helping those who are homeless and hungry (through direct help or though our support and work with the South Hall Community Food Pantry), and supporting the work of the Diocese of Atlanta.

How much should I give?

Scripture doesn’t tell us a dollar amount that we should give, but there are guidelines for those who are mature in their faith.  In the Old Testament (the part of the Bible that took place before the time of Jesus), the Israelites were told to give a “tithe” — that means a tenth of their increase.  When the crops came in, the first portion (1/10th) was to be taken to the temple and offered to God.  God told His people to give the first fruits.  That meant they were to give the best, not what was left over.

The New Testament (the part of the Bible written about the life of Jesus and the early Church) is less specific.  In it, the tithe is mentioned and we’re told not to abandon it, but more importantly, we’re told how we’re to give — that we should be cheerful givers and love our neighbors as ourselves.  So our approach to giving should be that we give to others who are in need just as we would want people to help us if we’re in need.

If you can’t afford to tithe, that’s okay.  God sees your heart and sees your desire to give.  Start with what you can do, trusting God to provide for all your needs.  As you’re faithful in giving a small amount, ask Him to make it possible for you to give more in the future.

Giving of your Time and Talents

Lastly, our approaach to giving shouldn’t be limited to money. Many of the people who call us for help need a helping hand in more ways than one. For example, a single mom with young children might need help with food. While we can help with the groceries, one mom who was without a car asked if we could take her to the store. This enabled her to choose what she needed for her family and also gave us an opportunity to spend time with her and show her someone cared.

Do you have time you could spend with someone in need?

How to Give

There are three ways you can give to St. Gabriel’s: In-person, by mail, or online. Our online option is still being developed, but instructions for each are given below. And thanks in advance for your support of St. Gabriel’s!


To make a gift in-person, bring your cash or check to St. Gabriel’s and present it during one of our Sunday morning services. If you wish to receive tax receipt for your gift at year-end, place your gift in an envelope with your name and address on it.

By Mail

If you’d prefer to give by mail, please male your check payable to St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church (please do not send cash) and mail it to

St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church
2920 Landrum Education Dr.
Oakwood, GA 30566


We’re hoping to begin accepting online donations in the near future. When that happens, you’ll be able to set up one-time or recurring gifts using credit or debit cards. Other forms of payment such as Venmo are also being considered. Thanks for your support of St. Gabe’s!